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Our Midwestern winters are more than cold! We offer expert heating installation.

Next Step always prepares for winters by stocking the vans for

 heat equipment repairs and being on standby for any emergency. We can competently repair/install your boiler/furnace so that it operates at its best. Need recommendations on the right system? Give us a call. 





Inspections & Maintenance.

Costs to heat a space can get expensive. You need a good system to keep your home or commercial workplace cozy and warm throughout the cold winter months. We offer heating services that meet your requirements of comfort and budget. Regular maintenance is usually required to make sure everything is ready for winter. We recommend a maintenance check-up before winter to diagnose problems early.


snow melting

radiant floor heat prospect_edited_edite

radiant floor

 Heating system upgrade.

By using high efficiency products that maintain a low energy cost, you can save money and minimize your ecological footprint. We offer many products that you could integrate to your existing system to make it more efficient and also offer specials on new high-efficiency heating installations.

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